Saturday, February 18, 2012

Roster Anaysis: QB

Players currently on roster: 2.

Tarvaris Jackson. Salary: $4,000,000. Signed through 2012. He will be 29 on opening day. Career passer rating: 77.8.
Josh Portis. Salary: Not much. Signed through 2013. He will be 25 on opening day. Career passer rating: 0.0.

Analysis: Everyone knows that this is a position the Seahawks are looking to upgrade this offseason. While Tarvaris is adequate, he is not going to take the team deep into the playoffs. While an accurate passer, his decision making is suspect especially in the final minutes of each half. He was not able to generate scores when needed most and often regressed when his leadership was needed most.

Seattle will need to draft or add another QB through free agency this spring. While Matt Flynn looks great on paper, I would hate to allocate too much cap space on an unproven commodity. If he ends up being average, then the 10 million a year it will take to sign him could have been spent on  more productive players.

As for unrestricted free agent, Clipboard Jesus, I don't think he will be on an NFL roster this fall. Maybe a career in porn or real estate will work out for him.

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