Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Report: Hawks Sign Braylon Edwards

I guess the WR position is not as settled as I thought. This should make things interesting. Who knows how much he has left in the tank, especially after being hurt so much over the last few years.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Position Analysis: WR

Roster spots available: 5 or 6 (most likely 5).

Locks: Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate.

Looking Good: Ben Obomanu, Ricardo Lockette.

Longer Odds: Deon Butler, Chris Durham, Antonio Bryant, et. al.

While the competition to win the starting position across from Sidney Rice intensifies, the roster spots are more nailed down than one would think. I don't see Butler, Bryant or Durham making the team unless they keep a sixth receiver or someone gets hurt.

Tate appears committed this season to becoming a professional instead of relying upon his pure athleticism. He worked out with Larry Fitzgerald in the off-season which should have taught him a thing or two about being a pro.

Lockette is hard to overlook because of his speed and size. He maybe raw, but he is making plays in camp. Hopefully these efforts will translate during exhibition games.

Obomanu is steady. He may have limited upside but he can be counted on. QBs know where to find him. He plays special teams.

These three receivers all bring different qualities to the position. Maybe they will work well in a rotation?

Overall, if Rice is healthy and Baldwin does what he did last year, the team will be ahead of where they were in 2011. Mike Williams didn't give the Hawks much last year opposite Rice, so hopefully someone will step up to provide the offense with another weapon.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Breaking News: Sea Gal Granny Panty Update

I wrote last summer that the Sea Gal uniforms were sorely in need of an update. Well...it happened. Good bye Granny Panties, hello new look Sea Gals! Welcome to the 1990s!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

5 Things to Watch for in Training Camp

Welcome to Camp Carroll 3.0. Here are a few things I am interested in this summer:

1) Who will play quarterback this season? This one is obvious but also the most important. If the team is going to take another step forward this year, better QB play is essential–especially in the last 4 minutes of each half.

2) The competition at receiver. Consistent and improved play for the WRs is also important for overall offensive growth. Yes the Seahawks want to be a running offense, but this is a passing league, so a running game alone is not enough. Who will emerge across from Sidney Rice? Will Rice's shoulders hold up? Will the Hawks actually utilize one or bath of their tight ends in the passing game? Will Doug Baldwin have a sophomore slump? Will Golden Tate finally figure it out? Can Ricardo Lockette demonstrate the tools to play regularly?

3) Will the O–line contine to develop? This unit made huge strides from game 1 to game 16 last year. Will the contine to get better? Will Moffitt be ready to go at RG? Can Okung stay healthy? Who will start at LG...Duece Lutui, McQuistan, or someone else? Will Carpenter play this year? And Where?

4) Who replaces the Heater? Can Bobby Wagner step right in at Mike? Will KJ Wright end up switching to the middle? What about Barrett Ruud, does he have anything left in the tank? Will the Hawks play more 5-2 this year, and if so, who will be the two LBs on the field?

5) Who will be the biggest surprise to make the team? Every year someone off the street proves that they should have been drafted. Will the Hawks be able to find this year's Doug Baldwin or Brandon Browner? Has the team gotten deeper so that rookies will make less of an impact?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Why the Offense Should Improve

"Hi, I'm Larry; this is my brother Darrell,
and this is my other brother 
2012 will be the first year in 4, that the team will not be learning a new system and new terminology in training camp. The parade of Offensive Coordinators has taken its toll in Seattle as offenses need confidence and continuity. Having to learn a new system every year has not helped a young team. Here is the list of Coordinators:

2008—Gil Haskell
2009—Greg Knapp
2010—Jeremy Bates
2011—Darrell Bevell
2012—Darrell Bevell

Hopefully the Hawks will be able to hit the ground running this week by building upon what they accomplished last yearinstead of having to start from square one.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

And So It Begins

Season tickets arrived today, so let's get this thing started!

 Hawk And Roll!

Lovin' The CBA

This might be a really geeky topic, but in a typical season under prior CBAs draft picks would be threatening lengthy hold outs as training camp approaches. Devoted fans like us would be pacing the halls waiting for news that our 4th round pick just signed his deal. Forget about our 1st rounder--as that deal is weeks away.

Fast forward to 2012 where all pick were signed before rookie camp. I feel my blood-pressure dropping. Not only were all rookie deals done, but Seattle has extended two key players who would have become free agents this winter.

The front office has put the Hawks in a position to become a winner by locking up the core of the team for multiple years. We as fans know that top players will be given new deals that do not break the bank. With some leadership under center, this should be a winning formula.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Schneider Totals his BMW

It's true. Big Mike Williams (BMW) was cut today by the Seahawks. I didn't think that he was likely to make the final roster, but I did think he would get the chance to prove himself in camp.

It is clear that Pete and John want young, fast players. BMW is a possession receiver who got little separation and used his height and width to make catches. The addition of Kellen Winslow hurt BMW's chances as he is a similar type of player (at a different position).

The Hawks need a speedy receiver across from Rice this year. Tate, Butler, Lockette and Durham should all be given chances to win the job. I omit Obomanu from the list as he is a known quantity and while he adds depth and can play special teams, he isn't a game changer by any means.

After BMW's release, there are still 12 receivers on the roster with 5 or 6 spots available in total. Assuming Rice, Baldwin and Tate are locks, that leaves 2 to 3 spots for 9 guys. It will be one of the more interesting positions to watch this August.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Simple Math

Lower prices = More people.
Mike Florio has a nice piece on fan retention:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The National Media Does Not Watch Seahawk Games

If there was ever a doubt that Seattle is Southern Alaska to the National Football media, this video is proof. It is clear that Michael Lombardi and Brian Baldinger have no clue. After our favorite local writer, Danny O'Neil spends a few minutes giving his learned opinion, these two shit-birds embarrass themselves with their lack of knowledge. 

For the record:

  1. Drafting Tannehill with the #12, when we just signed Flynn, really?
  2. Sidney Rice had shoulder surgery, not hip surgery
  3. Mike Williams has not been fat for a few years, his ankle is the bigger issue
  4. John Moffitt does not go by Josh
  5. Brandon Browner made the pro-bowl last year and Richard Sherman could have if he played the entire year. With Walter Thurmond and Byron Maxwell, this could be one of the deeper positions on the team.

A pair of boobs.

A nicer pair of boobs

Monday, March 26, 2012

Seattle Not Awarded Compensatory Draft Picks

Because the Seahawks were buyers last summer during the free agency period, they were not awarded any extra draft picks in this April's Draft.

Some notable signings: WR Sidney Rice, OL Robert Gallery, QB Tarvaris Jackson, DL Alan Branch, DE Jimmy Wilkerson and TE Zach Miller.

15 teams gained extra picks. Here is the complete list.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Mock Draft Tracker

I charted 25 mock drafts from the NFL's experts this week. Here are who they think the Hawks will select with the 12th overall pick:

  • Melvin Ingram, LB - 24%
  • Luke Kuechly, LB - 19%
  • David DeCastro, G - 19%
  • Nick Perry, DE - 19%
  • Whitney Mercilus, DE - 14%
  • Quinton Coples, DE - 5%

Of course, re-signing David Hawthorne would drastically change these predictions.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Matt Flynn Highlight Reel

Not a Bad Week

Over the last 7 days the Seahawks have re-signed:

  • Red Bryant, DE (#47 on the top 100 FAs)
  • Michael Robinson, FB
  • Heath Farwell, LB
  • Paul McQuistan, G/T

They have also acquired through Free Agency:

  • Jason Jones, DT (#12 on the top 100 FAs)
  • Matt Flynn, QB (#17 on the top 100 FAs)

They lost:

  • John Carlson, TE
  • Charlie Whitehurst, QB
  • Robert Gallery, G (cut)

All in all an excellent week. Top Seahawk free agents have been re-signed and the need for upgrades at QB and D-Line have been addressed.

I hope that Linebacker will be addressed next. How about Kamerion Wimbley at OLB? He is 28 and a beast. There is still enough room under the cap. Hopefully either Hill or Hawthorne will be back, my guess is Hill as he will be a lot cheaper. I could happily live with Wimbley-Wright-Hill as our three backers! I could also see the Hawks drafting a LB in the first round.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free Agent Tracker

Here is a link to the Top 100 Free Agents and where they have signed. Let's hope to see the Hawks on the list a few more times!

Top Free Agents—Linebackers

1) Curtis Lofton
2) Stephen Tulloch
3) Dan Connor
4) London Fletcher
5) David Hawthorne
6) Clark Haggans
7) Mike Peterson
8) Brendon Ayanbadejo
9) Jameel McClain
10) Jarret Johnson
11) Andra Davis
12) Kirk Morrison
13) Reggie Torbor
14) Antwan Applewhite
15) Omar Gaither
16) Jordan Senn
17) Brandon Johnson
18) Manny Lawson
19) Keith Brooking
20) Bradie James
21) Mario Haggan
22) Joe Mays
23) Wesley Woodyard
24) Bobby Carpenter
25) Isaiah Ekejiuba
26) Erik Walden
27) Tim Dobbins
28) Kevin Bentley
29) Ernie Sims
30) Philip Wheeler
31) Demorrio Williams
32) Ikaika Alama-Francis
33) Marvin Mitchell
34) Xavier Adibi
35) E.J. Henderson

49) Heath Farwell (SEA)
50) Leroy Hill (SEA)
51) Matt McCoy (SEA)
52) David Vobora (SEA)

I was surprised to see all the Hawks (except Hawthorne) lumped together around 50. Maybe the national media has never see a Seattle game, so they didn't know where to put our guys.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Is QB Matt Leinart Plan C?

Leinart was just released by the Texas today. If the Seahawks can't land the big fish (Manning or Flynn) they will need a veteran in camp for depth.

Then again, if the Titans sign Manning, Seattle could always sign Mr. Hasselback again. Ack!

Let's hope we won't have to resort to either option.

Top Free Agents—Defensive Ends

1) Mario Williams —the cream of the crop. Would look great in Seahawk Blue.
2) John Abraham —old, 34 when the season starts.
3) Vonnie Holliday —really old, gets free coffee from McDonalds.
4) Kroy Biermann
5) Cory Redding —no thanks. Been there, done that.
6) Israel Idonije
7) Victor Adeyanju
8) Frostee Rucker —played for Pete at USC.
9) Derrick Harvey
10) Jason Hunter
11) Tim Bulman
12) Jamaal Anderson
13) Tyler Brayton
14) Jeremy Mincey
15) Matt Roth
16) Wallace Gilberry
17) Kendall Langford
18) Phillip Merling
19) Igor Olshansky
20) Mark Anderson
21) Andre Carter
22) Shaun Ellis
23) Eric Moore
24) Jeff Charleston
25) Turk McBride
26) Dave Tollefson
27) Jarvis Moss
28) Trevor Scott
29) Victor Abiamiri
30) Juqua Parker
31) Raheem Brock —age caught up with him last year...and the law too.
32) Anthony Hargrove —wouldn't mind having him back in the rotation.
33) Jovan Haye
34) Dave Ball
35) William Hayes

I am not terribly impressed with this list other than Mario Williams, of course. Media speculation is that Williams will be sign with Atlanta to replace John Abraham. I think the Seahawks will be in the mix. I hope that if they lose out on Williams then they look to the draft as the rest of this list is underwhelming at best.

Free Agency Eve

I am a little disappointed the Hawks have not signed Red Bryant before Free Agency starts. 18 hours remain to get a deal done. Though I am not hearing anything that a deal is close. Hopefully teams will not view Bryant as a high priority guy because of his statistics and the Seahawks will be able to get something done in the next few days. This happened with Brandon Mebane last summer.

I would have like to see one of out starting linebackers signed as well, but the team may wait until they gauge the market before making offers to Hawthorne and Hill. I think Seattle is going to lose Hawthorne and retain Hill at a discount (as long as they throw in a supply of blunts).

Free Agency Priorities:

1) Quarterback. Whether the team signs Matt Flynn or not, they need someone to challenge Jackson and add depth.
2) Defensive End. Seattle needs someone to complement Chris Clemons to help the pass rush.
3) Linebacker. Assuming the loss of Hawthorne or Hill, one of these two will need to be replaced. I could see the Hawks replacing a LB through the draft. KJ wright is proof that you don't have to use a first round pick to find a productive linebacker.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Roster Anaysis: QB

Players currently on roster: 2.

Tarvaris Jackson. Salary: $4,000,000. Signed through 2012. He will be 29 on opening day. Career passer rating: 77.8.
Josh Portis. Salary: Not much. Signed through 2013. He will be 25 on opening day. Career passer rating: 0.0.

Analysis: Everyone knows that this is a position the Seahawks are looking to upgrade this offseason. While Tarvaris is adequate, he is not going to take the team deep into the playoffs. While an accurate passer, his decision making is suspect especially in the final minutes of each half. He was not able to generate scores when needed most and often regressed when his leadership was needed most.

Seattle will need to draft or add another QB through free agency this spring. While Matt Flynn looks great on paper, I would hate to allocate too much cap space on an unproven commodity. If he ends up being average, then the 10 million a year it will take to sign him could have been spent on  more productive players.

As for unrestricted free agent, Clipboard Jesus, I don't think he will be on an NFL roster this fall. Maybe a career in porn or real estate will work out for him.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mock Draft Tracker 2.0

Another look at who the experts are predicting for the Hawks:

The leader in the clubhouse, last month Luke Kuechly, ILB, is no longer on the list. Trent Richardson, this month's leader did not garner any votes last month. This data proves that no one knows what the Hawks will do this April.

Trent Richardson, RB 18%
Ryan Tannehill, QB 14%
Devon Still, DT 14%
Melvin Ingram, LB/OLB 9%
Michael Brockers DT 9%
Quinton Coples DE 9%
Zach Brown, OLB 9%
Courtney Upshaw, DE 5%
Whitney Mercilus, DE 5%
Brandon Thompson, DT 5%
Kendall Wright, WR 5%

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Agent QBs

We know this is a position of need for Seattle, but is signing a Free Agent the way to go? I think the team would prefer drafting and developing a young QB, but who knows if they will be able to get one in this spring's draft. They will have the following players to consider before the draft:
  1. Drew Brees (NO) - He's not leaving Nola. This much I know.
  2. Matt Flynn (GB) - An intriguing option. Not physically ideal. Lots of unknowns. 
  3. Alex Smith (SF) - I can't imagine SF letting him go anywhere. He gets the job done.
  4. Kyle Orton (DEN) - Middle of the pack type of QB. I don't see him as an upgrade to TJack. Speaking of Jack, anyone seen my Jack and Coke?
  5. Jason Campbell (OAK) - Campbell has been fairly efficient. His game is too similar to Jackson's and he is two years older.
  6. Donovan McNabb (MIN) - Retire already.
  7. Chris Redman (ATL) - Who?
  8. Derek Anderson (CAR) Chile, Please!
  9. Shaun Hill (DET)
  10. Drew Stanton (DET)
  11. Brady Quinn (DEN)
  12. David Garrard (FA)
  13. Luke McCown (JAC)
  14. Chad Henne (MIA)
  15. Sage Rosenfels (MIA)
  16. David Carr (NYG)
  17. Mark Brunell (NYJ)
  18. Kevin O'Connell (NYJ)
  19. Kyle Boller (OAK)
  20. Vince Young (PHI)
  21. Charlie Batch (PIT)
  22. Dennis Dixon (PIT)
  23. Byron Leftwich (PIT)
  24. Charlie Whitehurst (SEA)
  25. A.J. Feeley (STL)
  26. Josh Johnson (TB)
  27. Rex Grossman (WAS)
Options #9-27 are so bad, they aren't even worthy of snarky comments (sorry, Charlie).

Mock Draft Tracker 1.0

I charted 20 different mock drafts to see what the "experts" think will happen when the Seahawks pick 11 or 12. Here are their thoughts:

Seven of 11 potential choices are defensive, even though Seattle clearly needs more help on the offensive side of the ball. Free Agency plays a huge part in their this, as needs could completely change if the Hawks lose or sign players in positions of need. Free Agency opens March 13th.

Here are the candidates thus far:

Luke Kuechly, ILB 15%
Ryan Tannehill, QB 15%
Devon Still, DT 10%
Melvin Ingram, LB/OLB 10%
Michael Brockers DT 10%
Quinton Coples DE 10%
Whitney Mercilus, DE 10%
Brock Osweiler, QB 5%
Jonathan Martin, OT 5%
Nick Perry DE 5%
Zach Brown, OLB 5%

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Report: Packers "unlikely" to use tag on Flynn

Here is an article explaining the risks of using the Franchise tag on Flynn:

The Packers also have to consider the contract of Jermichael Finley who will also be an unrestricted FA and they may need the tag for him.

If it is only about money (and not losing picks) then the Seahawks should go out and get Flynn.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Math: SEA + BASF = SF


Anyone old enough to remember the "making everything better" commercial from BASF? Shannon, I know you are. If not, here it is:

The Niners play the game like the Seahawks want to play it, but only better. Can we sprinkle some BASF on the Hawks before games next year?

As I wrote when the two teams met in week 16, both were statistically close in all areasexcept the Niners were nominally ahead of the Hawks in every area. These small margins take a team from 7-9 to 13-3. Pete Carroll can use his bay-area rival as a model for the team he is trying to build. It will be interesting to see how well San Francisco is built for the playoffs.

Friday, January 6, 2012

End of Season Awards

The 2011 NFL regular season is over and it is time to take a look at who deserves the team awards for the Seattle Seahawks.

Rookie of the Year — Doug Baldwin. 
He led the team in receptions and yards as an undrafted free agent. He is a smart football player who easy finds the soft spots in zone coverage. Runner up: Richard Sherman. This fifth rounder was forced into duty after two other corners were injured and he never looked backbecoming the team's best corner. A bright future for both Stanford products. 

Most Improved Player — Kam Chancellor. 
This fifth rounder in 2010 saw very limited action his rookie year only to become a starter and a standout in year two. He demonstrated a much needed toughness that prior Seahawk teams only dreamt about, and quickly became one half of a very young and talented safety tandem. Runner Up: Max Unger. He anchored the patchwork o-line all year starting every game and making all the calls for the unit. His steady presence allowed the young line to get better with even game.

Comeback Player — Brandon Browner. 
After playing in Canada and not getting a chance in the NFL for 3+ years the Hawks signed him to a futures contract in January 2011 with little to lose. He became an opening day starter and led the team in interceptions. He played the run as aggressively as he played the pass and he was rewarded by his peers as a pro-bowl alternate. Most Importantly he is the reason the Hawks traded Kelly Jennings (which yielded Clint McDonald, too). Runners up: Leroy Hill and Red Bryant. Both players rebounded after season ending injuries in 2010.

Most Disappointing Player — Zach Miller. 
A big time Free Agent acquisition with major expectations after some big years with Oakland. By no fault of his own, he was kept in to block most of the time and Tarvaris Jackson tends to favor sideline throws. While his play was fine, he made little impact25 catches and no TDs. Not good. Runner up: Sidney Rice. Health has been a concern given his huge deal, and it proved to be the case again. He played in only 9 games having just 32 catches and 2 TDs. He was not healthy in many of those 9 games either. Lets hope he does not win this category next season.

Defensive MVP — Earl Thomas. 
In just his second year he is shaping up to be everything that was advertised about the #14 overall pick. He is a leader of the secondary making calls and getting everyone into position. He made a ton of tackles and was very stron supporting the run. Runner up: Chris Clemons. He continues to get to the QB (11 Sacks) and is surprisingly strong against the run.

Offensive MVP — Marshawn Lynch. 
Beast Mode. 'Nuff said.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

One less QB this April

News out of Oklahoma today is that Landry Jones is staying in school for another year.

This is not as deep of a QB draft as once thought, now that he and Matt Barkley aren't coming out early.

Given the lack of QBs and my unwillingness to trade the farm for RGIII, I think the Hawks need to get a pass rushing defensive end at #11 or 12.

Thoughts on Matt Flynn

Let's face it, the Packers are going to use the Franchise Tag on Matt Flynn this off-season. They would be crazy not to. Using the tag ensures that they will receive some sort of compensation for their back-up QBinstead of letting him walk-away in free agency for nothing.

It mirrors the move that the Patriots made with Matt Cassel, trading him for a 2nd round pick after tagging him.

That said, I don't think it is worth it to give up a high pick for an unproven, 27 year old talent. Look what happened to Arizona last year with Kevin Kolb. They gave up a 2nd rounder and a starting corner and got a 2-6 record and a QB controversy in return. The media is speculating that the cost for Flynn could be a first rounder given the fact that 4 to 6 teams may be interested. If tagged, I hope the Hawks sit this one out.

I would be all for signing Flynn as a free agent though, as all you would be risking are salary cap dollars. The Hawks have a ton of room under the cap (30 million?) and will free up more money once Misters Whitehurst and Trufant are no longer with the team. CW's 4 million will be off the books and Tru's 2012 salary is 7.3 million which I didn't think the Hawks would pay (see post) even before Browner and Sherman emerged as bonafide starters.

I would hate to see the front office give up a top pick or picks for a big unknowngiven that the team still has room to improve at a number of positions. Maybe the failed Charlie Whitehurst experiment will prevent it from happening again.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making Progress, Part Three

If you look at the average age of the Seahawks 2011 roster it is 25.8
Last year the team average was 26.9
Both numbers include the 53 man roster plus IR.
Getting younger AND getting better is a great combination.

The Sea Gals are heading in the right direction, too.

Another reason to embrace the team's youth movement.

Making Progress, Part Two

I mentioned a while back that the Hawks were on the cusp of becoming a top 10 defense. Well, they finished #9 in yards against and #7 in points. A HUGE improvement over the last few years.
Here's how this team stacked up:

League Ranking In:
Yards Points Turnovers
2011 9 7 5
2010 27 25 28
2009 24 25 26
2008 30 25 25

You could argue that these numbers are all because of an improved defense, but that is not entirely the case. The defense was on the field less in 2011, and the offense turned the ball over less than in previous years.

Time of Possession Give
2011 28:18 23
2010 27:18 31
2009 27:30 31
2008 26:37 27

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making Progress, Part One

As last year's Seahawks and this year's team both finished with 7-9 records, there are a number of ways to see how the team is headed in the right direction. Here is one:

The 9 losses in the 2010 regular season were by an average score of 14 to 35, essentially getting blown out in every loss. The margin of defeat was a whopping 21 points.

The 9 losses in the 2011 season were by an average score of 14 to 24. The Hawks were in every game except for 2 (Pittsburgh and Cincy) and lost by a margin of just under 10 points a game.

A Quick Look at Our Free Agents

Here is a partial list of the 18 Seahawks who are no longer under contract in 2012 and will be Free Agents in the spring:

Pay Them
  • Marshawn Lynch, RB, age 25.
  • Red Bryant, DE, age 27.
Nice to Have
  • John Carlson, TE, age 27.
  • Kennard Cox, CB, age 26.
  • Michael Robinson, FB, age 28.
  • Leroy Hill, LB age 29.
  • David Hawthorne, LB, age 26.
  • Paul McQuistan, OT, age 28.
  • Breno Giacomini, OT, age 26.
  • Chaz Whitehurst, QB, age 29.
  • Raheem Brock, DE, age 33.
  • Chris Baker, TE, age 32.
  • Justin Forsett, RB, age 26.
  • Matt McCoy, LB, age 29.

    Lynch is the heart and soul of the offense, if you let him go, it puts a lot of pressure on the QB and that is not a good thing. They can't afford to take a step backwards offensively. Big Red is an essential piece to the young defense getting even better next year.

    In the next category, I don't think any of the players are going to be particularly expensive:
    • Carlson's numbers have been going in the wrong direction and the injury this year will also lower his value.
    • Cox is a special teams player only, so he will come cheap. The team sure needs his kick coverage skills (see Ted Ginn).
    • Robinson is a decent blocking FB and a good Special teamer. I am not entirely sold on him as a road-grading FB (i.e. Mack Strong) but he gets the job done.
    • Etiher Hill or Hawthorne will need to be signed. I have a feeling one of these two will be moving on. I think the Hawks will draft another LB and will have to decide on whether to move KJ Wright to the middle or whether they need to replace LeRoy. Hawthorne was slowed by injury this year but still performed adequately. He is undersized and a little slow but makes a lot of plays. Ideally, I think the team would like a bigger Mike LB. Hill played well all year, but he is getting older on a young defense and might be the odd man out.
    • McQuistan and Giacomini need to come back given the lack of health of the starting five. They proved to be solid backups, if not starters in the league. Their depth and experience will be needed in 2012.

    Monday, January 2, 2012

    Welcome to the Off-Season

    Happy New Year...now clean out your locker.

    "Hey Charlie, How about our 8 million back?"