Monday, March 12, 2012

Free Agency Eve

I am a little disappointed the Hawks have not signed Red Bryant before Free Agency starts. 18 hours remain to get a deal done. Though I am not hearing anything that a deal is close. Hopefully teams will not view Bryant as a high priority guy because of his statistics and the Seahawks will be able to get something done in the next few days. This happened with Brandon Mebane last summer.

I would have like to see one of out starting linebackers signed as well, but the team may wait until they gauge the market before making offers to Hawthorne and Hill. I think Seattle is going to lose Hawthorne and retain Hill at a discount (as long as they throw in a supply of blunts).

Free Agency Priorities:

1) Quarterback. Whether the team signs Matt Flynn or not, they need someone to challenge Jackson and add depth.
2) Defensive End. Seattle needs someone to complement Chris Clemons to help the pass rush.
3) Linebacker. Assuming the loss of Hawthorne or Hill, one of these two will need to be replaced. I could see the Hawks replacing a LB through the draft. KJ wright is proof that you don't have to use a first round pick to find a productive linebacker.

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