Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beware False Prophets

I generally respect the thoughts of Mike Florio and staff over at ProFootballTalk, but while I agree with him positioning the Hawks in the mid-20s, his comment is ridiculous. He writes, "If/when Charlie Whitehurst becomes the starting quarterback, the Seahawks will climb the ladder."

I don't know why so many fans inside the Clink last Friday night, as well as Florio feel that Charlie Whitehurst is this year's savior. At least let's give Tarvaris a chance in the regular season before we chant "Charlie, Charlie!" ad nauseam.

Hawk and Roll News Flash: Just because CW looks like Jesus Christ, doesn't make him Jesus Christ.

Jesus, career passer rating: 158.3
Clipboard Jesus, career passer rating: 65.5
(pictured left to right)

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