Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Good is the Defense?

Over the last few years I have said that if Jordan Babineaux, Craig Terrill and Kelly Jennings are on the team, then the defense is not going to be good. This year all three are not with the Hawks: two are not with any team and Jennings is a Bengal.

I hope that overall talent and depth has improved and that is why these three are not Seahawks. It looks like the defense could be in the middle third in the league this year which would be a vast improvement.

A key for defensive success this year will be how much time they are on the field. The offense needs to be competitive in time of possession to give the defense a fighting chance. It all begins today.

Hawk and Roll!

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  1. fuckkk special team
    baddd dayyyy
    but gooooo hawks
    Rodrigo - Brazillllll