Friday, December 16, 2011

A Good Test for the Offense

I watched all of the Denver / Chicago game last weekend and I sure hope the Seahawks offense is more functional Sunday than Denver's. Has recent success come at the hands of bad teams, or have the Hawks made serious progress?

Without Cutler and Forte, the Bears offense is limited at best. Hopefully that will be the case again Sunday. That said, they are relying on defense, so we will see if the Hawks can muster sustained offense (especially with the patchwork line).

I am worried about McQuistan lining up against Peppers. I am also worried about blitz pick ups. Tarvaris will have to make smart decisions under pressure. The running game will be essential to keep the pressure off him.

I hope that the defense can bottle up the run and force Caleb to beat them. So far, he has not shown that he is capable.

Will the team sleepwalk through the first half like they have been known to do when they have 10 am starts? Let's not repeat the debacle at Cleveland.

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