Friday, December 30, 2011

A Loss Sunday is really a Win

Now that the playoffs are no longer a possibility, it is time to improve draft positioning. A loss, coupled with a few 6-8 teams winning could put the Seahawks drafting in the #9 spot next spring. A win Sunday could have them picking as late as #20 (when strength of schedule gets sorted out).

Those are some serious Depends®.
I know PC and the players want to finish the season strong--and there is something to finishing .500, but at what price? Last year the playoff run was worth it, but very costly. The team dropped 17 positions in the first round (from #8 to #25 by beating St. Louis and NO).

This season is already viewed as a success--with either 7 or 8 wins. The Hawks exceeded everyone's expectations. Most "experts" projected Seattle with a top 3 pick before the season started. So, this year a week 17 loss would help the team more than hurt them.

As Ronald Reagan once said, "Just win lose one for the Gipper!"

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