Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Agent QBs

We know this is a position of need for Seattle, but is signing a Free Agent the way to go? I think the team would prefer drafting and developing a young QB, but who knows if they will be able to get one in this spring's draft. They will have the following players to consider before the draft:
  1. Drew Brees (NO) - He's not leaving Nola. This much I know.
  2. Matt Flynn (GB) - An intriguing option. Not physically ideal. Lots of unknowns. 
  3. Alex Smith (SF) - I can't imagine SF letting him go anywhere. He gets the job done.
  4. Kyle Orton (DEN) - Middle of the pack type of QB. I don't see him as an upgrade to TJack. Speaking of Jack, anyone seen my Jack and Coke?
  5. Jason Campbell (OAK) - Campbell has been fairly efficient. His game is too similar to Jackson's and he is two years older.
  6. Donovan McNabb (MIN) - Retire already.
  7. Chris Redman (ATL) - Who?
  8. Derek Anderson (CAR) Chile, Please!
  9. Shaun Hill (DET)
  10. Drew Stanton (DET)
  11. Brady Quinn (DEN)
  12. David Garrard (FA)
  13. Luke McCown (JAC)
  14. Chad Henne (MIA)
  15. Sage Rosenfels (MIA)
  16. David Carr (NYG)
  17. Mark Brunell (NYJ)
  18. Kevin O'Connell (NYJ)
  19. Kyle Boller (OAK)
  20. Vince Young (PHI)
  21. Charlie Batch (PIT)
  22. Dennis Dixon (PIT)
  23. Byron Leftwich (PIT)
  24. Charlie Whitehurst (SEA)
  25. A.J. Feeley (STL)
  26. Josh Johnson (TB)
  27. Rex Grossman (WAS)
Options #9-27 are so bad, they aren't even worthy of snarky comments (sorry, Charlie).

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