Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lovin' The CBA

This might be a really geeky topic, but in a typical season under prior CBAs draft picks would be threatening lengthy hold outs as training camp approaches. Devoted fans like us would be pacing the halls waiting for news that our 4th round pick just signed his deal. Forget about our 1st rounder--as that deal is weeks away.

Fast forward to 2012 where all pick were signed before rookie camp. I feel my blood-pressure dropping. Not only were all rookie deals done, but Seattle has extended two key players who would have become free agents this winter.

The front office has put the Hawks in a position to become a winner by locking up the core of the team for multiple years. We as fans know that top players will be given new deals that do not break the bank. With some leadership under center, this should be a winning formula.

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