Monday, October 17, 2011

End of the line for Trufant?

With Marcus Trufant going on IR today, his 2011 season is over. Enter Walter Thurmond.

Given the fact that he will be 31, and have a huge a salary in 2012 (7.3 million including a workout bonus), I think he played his last game as a Seahawk. I can see the team cutting him in the offseason before any bonuses are due.

He will have missed 17 games since 2009. 

His play is solid, but hardly spectacular. He has always been a steady number 2 corner on a team that needed him to be a number 1 corner. He regularly keeps the receiver in front of him, but rarely breaks up the play. Football Outsiders breaks down the top 10 cornerbacks in 2010 in 3 separate categories (success rate, yards per pass, yards after catch), Trufant does not make the list in any category. They also break down the worst 10 corners in each category and he doesn't make the list there either.

All in all, he has been a class act and a leader on a young team that needs leaders. Not to bad...even for a Coug!

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