Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thoughts on the Browns Game

I think many people in the Seattle are penciling in a win for the Hawks on Sunday. I am not so sure. Cleveland is a 3 point favorite, being that home field is usually worth 3 points, the teams should be evenly matched. My concerns:

  1. Injuries to Heath Miller and Max Unger could hinder offensive line play. It looked as though this group was turning a corner, without these two will they take a step backwards?
  2. The Browns have the 4th best passing defense in the league and the 27th rushing defense. The Hawks will need to run the ball regularly as yards maybe more difficult through the air. Hopefully the no-huddle will loosen up both areas.
  3. When Cleveland has the ball, they have not been a consistent running team but are moving the ball in the passing game. Their o-line has not given up many sacks (only 9), so if Seattle can't get pressure on McCoy, then the pressure will be put on the young Seattle DBs. McCoy has used many targets this year so far and I would expect to see him mix it up on Sunday.
  4. Special Teams. Josh Cribbs is always a threat, let's hope he doesn't pull a Ted Ginn.
We all know that Seattle is not a great football team, but a win this weekend is what they need to become a good team. Beating the Cleveland's and the Cincinnati's of the league is how they go from being 5-12 to 8-8 and competing for the NFC West title again.

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