Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Last Two and a Half Minutes

As I was sitting at the Clink watching the clock tick down from 2:30 to 2:00, I thought "why not use the last timeout?" Instead the Falcons were able to run off an extra 30 seconds before the two minute warning. Given the fact that the game ended without using the timeout it was a 30 second waste.

On first down from the Falcons 45 Jackson spikes the ball to stop the clock. Again, why not call the timeout after Miller makes the catch and save first down. The wasted down ends up being pivotal as the Hawk do not run out of time, they run out of downs! Ack!

I also thought that if PC knew he was going to attempt an impossible kick on 4th down, then why not run the ball on third? They had the timeout. A running play (perhaps a draw) would have caught the Falcons off guard. If it gains 5, then a 56 yarder, while still unlikely is worth a shot. Maybe Forsett gains 10 and then you are staring down a 51 yard kick. Who knows?

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