Monday, October 31, 2011

Room for Improvement

We knew that our Seahawks were a young team and with youth comes mistakes, but as a fan it is difficult to watch a team that is penalized this much. The coaches really need to clean up the penalties, it feels like a Raiders game!

We have also seen clock management problems twice this year (that have cost us points)--another inexcusable thing for a coaching staff. This team has looked disorganized getting out of the huddle and had to burn time outs unnecessarily.

A team with a small margin of error cannot make these kinds of mistakes and win.

Speaking of winning, if the Seahawks want to do it again, then they need a running game. I don't see any holes and I felt sorry for Lynch as he was literally getting his helmet ripped off yesterday (which according to the refs is legal as long as you use two hands).

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