Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Legalize It, Don't Criticize It

With Congressional approval ratings nearing the single digits and the "super" committee floundering, now is the time to legalize (and tax) sports betting. Will it solve our country's fiscal woes? No. But it won't hurt either.

News alert to congress: Everyone is betting anyway (illegally). It makes no sense that it is legal in one state and not the other 49.

Our congress needs to wake up on this non-issue. There is no controversy here. The government already allows certain forms of legalized gambling in the form of Lotteries and Horse Racing. Why not sports betting?

As an adult, I should be able to login to a website and place a bet with the click of the mouse. Other countries allow it, why can't we? Here's a safe bet: congress will do nothing.

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