Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Look Back at First Round Picks

The best teams get the most out of their picks in the top three rounds. High picks are supposed to make pro-bowls or at least become steady starers. Here is a look at the last 10 first rounders for the Hawks.

2002--Jerramy Stevens, 28th overall pick. 
            201 career receptions, 202 career arrests. Out of NFL, 2010.
2003--Marcus Trufant, 11th overall pick. 
            Longtime starter, 1 pro-bowl, 2007. Current member of the Seahawks.
2004--Marcus Tubbs, 23rd overall pick. 
            29 games due to injury shortened career. Out of NFL, 2007.
2005--Chris Spencer, 26rd overall pick. 
            Mediocre starter on bad Hawk O-lines. Current reserve Guard for Chicago.
2006--Kelly Jennings, 31st overall pick. 
            Mediocre starter on bad Hawk secondary. Current reserve for Cincinnati.
2007--No Pick. Traded to New England for Deion Branch
2008--Lawrence Jackson, 28th overall. 
            2 lackluster seasons with Seattle. Traded to Detroit and is in their rotation.
2009--Aaron Curry, 4th overall. 
            2 underwhelming seasons with Seattle. Traded to Oakland for 2 late rounders.
2010--Russell Okung, 6th overall.
            Immediate starter, unfortunate injuries. Current member of the Seahawks.
2010--Earl Thomas, 14th overall.
            Immediate starter, flashes of brilliance. Current member of the Seahawks.
2011--James Carpenter, 25th overall.
            Immediate starter, making solid progress Current member of the Seahawks.

The tally: 1 hit, 7 misses and 3 that are too early to tell (but look promising).

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