Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 6, Draft Watch

If the season ended today, Your Seattle Seahawks would be sitting in the 10th position come next April. I see their draft needs being: Quarterback, Defensive End, Cornerback and Defensive Tackle. A lot could change based on the next 11 games, but that's where I would rank draft needs today.

This Trojan performs under water. 
Who was drafted in the 10 spot in some previous drafts, you ask?

2011--Blain Gabbert (#3 QB taken)
2010--Tyson Alualu (#3 DT Taken)
2009--Michael Crabtree (#2 WR taken)
2008--Jerod Mayo (#3 LB Taken)
2007--Amobi Okoye (#1 DT taken)
2006--Matt Leinart (#2 QB taken)
2005--Mike Williams (#3 WR taken)
2004--Dunta Robinson (#2 CB Taken)

Not exactly an all-pro team, as can't miss prospects can always miss (Mr. Kiper, please meet Mr. Curry).

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