Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Things to Watch for vs. Minnesota

1) Quarterback play. According to PC, Tarvaris will play at least for a half. Will he look the part of a starting QB? He will have more WR options this week, so hopefully that will help. Will his play make it obvious as to why he has been named the opening day starter? Will CW and Portis look good in subsequent games?

2) Offensive line. Can Tyler Polumbus keep it together? I am interested in watching the rookies on the right side to see how they are functioning. Is the run game improved? How is their pass protection?

3) Depth at cornerback. How well do the tall rookies need to play to displace KFJ from the starting 11. Walter Thurmond is still hurt and won't play so Sherman, Browner and Maxwell are the ones to watch.

4) Defensive Line. With Colin Cole on the PUP and Chris Clemons injured, who will step up and get some penetration? Red Bryant is back, will he make it through the game healthy?

5) The most heated competition: kicker. Jeff Reed will be kicking this week, can he get a touchback or two?

It should be a nice night at the Clink, regardless of what happens on the field.

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