Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Late than Never

A few thoughts from the game:
  1. For a team committed to running the ball, a true fullback is required. I don’t see Michael Robinson clearing out linebackers like he needs to—given the youth of the line an experience battering ram of a fullback would be a nice pick-up. Maybe this type of player will be available when teams cut down to 53. I miss Mack Strong.
  2. The O-line needs to learn pass protection. And fast. It is hard to evaluate a QB when he is constantly under fire.
  3. On first and goal at the two, why run essentially the same play to the same guy 4 times in a row. Maybe they are looking for a short yardage back and learned that Forsett is not that guy. While I love his effort, Forsett makes no sense at the goal line. Why not mix it up a bit and use some of your team speed to the outside?
  4. Curry needs to get his head in the game
. A couple plays really stand out: Curry bites on a inside fake and complete loses contain on the edge. The Vikings gain a bunch of yards and Curry looks foolish for over-pursuing the play. The personal foul (helmet tossing) is plain stupid. I know it is the pre-season, but I am not impressed with this guy. Leroy Hill looked good. He looks leaner than before.
  5. I really liked the toss-sweep in the 3rd quarter. After watching so many inside power runs that weren’t that successful, it was refreshing to see a lineman and the fullback pulling left and getting out in front of a play. The sweep went for six, and I hope we see more of this.
  6. Charlie looked good again. He is stepping up to the snub of not having an open competition. I am becoming curious to see how he would do with the starters. He is getting better o-line play than Tarvaris.
  7. Jeff Reed wins the kicking job before kicking in a pre-season game.

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