Monday, August 29, 2011

Tarvaris Got Run Over by a Bronco

I would have posted this earlier had I not thrown up all over my game notes while watching the offensive line. Here are my thoughts:

1) If the offensive line can't block, then the Seahawks best weapon is John Ryan. There. I said it. Why not just quick kick on first down and save us all the trouble? The o-line was so dysfunctional that I have no idea how good our feature players are. Or if we even have feature players. Someone needs to put out an ABP on these guys. Zach Miller...who? Sidney Rice...never heard of him. Marshawn Lynch...Beast What?

2) James Carpenter looked bad. Really bad. Not the good kind of bad, the bad kind of bad. The other 4 guys weren't so hot either. It made for a painful viewing experience. I could have gotten a random body part waxed and it would have hurt less.

3) Leon Washington got his speed back. He has a burst that turns what look like a small gain into an 8-10 yarder. His running looks effortless this year. I want to see more of him.

Players of the game:
#15 Doug Baldwin: Is he going to be ahead of Golden Tate on the depth chart? He seems to do everything better.
#79 Red Bryant: The guy is a menace against the run and gets nice penetration against the pass.
#41 Byron Maxwell: This guy was everywhere covering punts on special teams.
#53 Malcolm Smith: He was always around the ball, making tackles.

I can't decide whether to go to the Raider game this Friday, as I don't want to throw up all over the people in front of me.

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