Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 2 Assessment

Prediction: 5-11

Reasoning: Huge lack of leadership on Defense. The loss of Lofa and Lawyer Milloy means that the defense lost both of its leaders. Granted the defense wasn’t any good last year, but with all the youth out there, it is good to have a stabilizing force or two. Now that both are gone, I get the impression that they are completely embracing the youth movement this year. We are going to see a lot of mistakes with some flashes of brilliance as well as the chance of drafting a very good QB prospect EARLY in the first round.

The Hawks just re-signed Kelly Jennings, which tells me that their secondary will be no better than last year. Ugh. I would like to see Walter Thurmond play more as well as the rookie from Stanford. They could trade for Asante Samuel but I don’t think they will want to give up future picks. Same goes for Osi, who will cost a lot and at 30, won’t be around that much longer (especially when the team is probably 2 years away from being good). Colin Cole’s ankle is an issue, if he gets PUP’d then there are some serious depth problems in the middle. I like the signing of Mebane and the acquisition of Branch from AZ. The first string D-line looks good (Clemons-Branch-Mebane-Bryant) but after that we are in big trouble.

It is hard to say what the offense will look like until they get some of the news guys on the field, but they seem to have some playmakers (Leon Washington, Rice, Tate) as well as a young (but BIG) line. If the line can pass and run block there is a hope that they will be able to move the ball.

Health is a big issue for this team, as I don’t think they're very deep.

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