Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Truth about Tru

When news broke about the restructuring of Marcus Trufant's contract my first thought was, "that's great, now he is more affordable and can remain with the team for a few years." But when you look at the numbers the only year that was touched (of the three remaining) was 2011. Hmm...

Tru goes from making almost 6 million in 2011 to 3 million. In 2012 he will be at 7.3 and then 8.9 (with workout bonuses) in 2013. Ouch.

This year looks to be his last with Seattle, unless he returns to pro-bowl form of 2007. If he does, then maybe his number for 2012 is palatable. Lets face it, the Seahawks aren't going anywhere in 2011 or next year either--they're a work in progress. Trufant will be 31 this December, by the time they are a playoff team again, his best days will be gone.

I believe he will be traded mid-season for a draft pick. It makes sense. The Seahawks will be around 3-7 and youth will be served. A team near the vying for the playoffs may just overpay for a player who they think can take them to the promised land. Tru is just this kind of player as reliable cornerbacks are always in demand. We will see.

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