Friday, August 26, 2011

PreSeason Game 3 Preview

Here are a few things that I am going to be watching for on Saturday night:

1) The return of Walter Thurmond III. I am not a big Duck fan, but if this guy can displace KFJ from the starting line up, then I just might paint my house dark green and yellow...maybe I'll even throw in some black, white, gunmetal grey, florescent yellow, and add some diamond plate and duck feather trim. Whatever Phil Night wants. It sure would be sweet to see WT3 progress this year so that he can be an every down corner. Ideally Sherman and Browner are the nickel and dime (no particular order) and KFJ doesn't make the final 53. Somebody pinch me...I must be dreaming!

2) Can the number one offense move the ball? Forgive me for sounding greedy, but maybe they can actually score, too? Maybe? This unit starts and ends with the line and so far, no good.

3) Is it just me, or has fan favorite Justin Forsett done very little this preseason. I know he missed the first game, but I would like to see something from him this week. He doesn't look as elusive as Leon Washington nor as powerful as Marshawn Lynch. How does he fit into this crowded backfield? How does PC embrace his youth movement at a position with three veterans?

4) How good is the defense? We may not know the answer to this question until the end of September, but it has been hard to tell how talented or deep they are. KJ Wright and Josh Pinkard will be starting, so 9 of 11 projected starters on opening day will be out there. Last year Orton picked apart the Seahawks in an efficient manner, we will see if he can do the same tomorrow.

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