Monday, August 15, 2011

Practice Cancelled?!?

So the Seahawks have been practicing for all of two weeks and Captain Khaki (er, Pete Carroll) cancelled practice this afternoon. He says the boys are tired. What makes no sense is the fact that they no longer "hit" twice a day and that most of the practices are essentially walkthroughs with shoulder pads and helmets only. I would hope that such a young team would take advantage of every allotted opportunity to be on the field given the new offense and the youth of this team. Oh yeah, tomorrow is the players day off as stipulated in the new CBA. This is not your father's NFL.

I sure hope we see a full half of the offensive starters Saturday night. They need the work in the new system and it would be nice to get a feel for how Tarvaris manages the game under center. In the next two games I would like to see:

  • Q1: Jackson
  • Q2: Jackson
  • Q3: Whitehurst
  • Q4: Portis

I hope T-Jack can excel in this offense as I love his speed, but I didn't see much poise last week when pressured. There will be pressure with a right side of the line being rookies and a Tyler Polumbus in for Okung. If, after game 3, Jackson seems behind Whitehurst, then it's time for a switch and CW can start the last preseason game and head into the season as the starter. I liked the way Whitehurst hung in the pocket last week and made the pass, while Jackson seemed to panic too quickly. It's probably not a fair comparison as Stanback and Tate are not exactly elite receivers.

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  1. Great job, Babe! Xo - your sage wife

  2. The one thing I'm starting to feel good about is our overall size! Our receivers and linemen are a née breed of size. Now we just have to keep them healthy. Okung's glass ankles have me on edge~~!

  3. Hey - nothing wrong with glass ankles! Well, actually, they suck, but I felt the need to defend those of us with weak ankles.