Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pre-Season Game 1--San Diego

After 15.5 hours of travel Thursday, I arrived home tired to watch the game on the DVR.

General assessment: While I was hoping for some flashes of offensive brilliance from the starters, this wasn't the case. Maybe it was because the top three WRs were not dressed, maybe it was because Okung only made it through 4 plays, maybe it was because they are installing a new offense for the third year in a row...whatever the reason. The Hawks looked a lot like they did last year. Poor pass protection, no separation for their receivers and a genuine lack of playmakers. Maybe this will change when the o-line gels and Rice and BMW are in at WR. I sure hope so. The run blocking looked improved. Hopefully this will only get better. It would be nice to have a true fullback who can block. I am not sold on Michael Robinson in this role.

Defensively, Kelly Jennings reminded me of...Kelly Jennings. Ack! He is too small and too out of position to play regularly. Hopefully Walter Thurmond will be healthy enough to win the spot. Browner and Sherman looked good (and tall) in the second half. Let's hope they continue to impress. Kam Chancellor made an impact with a couple of stops against the run. Wilkerson did the same getting in the backfield a few times.

Quick thoughts:
1) has anyone seen Red Bryant? His injuries are always an issue and I have a bad feeling about him again.

2) has anyone seen Russell Okung? His injuries are always an issue and I have a bad feeling about him again. Ugh.

3) it would have been nice to see more of Tarvaris. He knows the system, why not play him more? Whitehurst is new to the system, yet he played the most.

4) Josh Portis (once he settled down) is pretty dynamic. I would like to see more from him. His upside seems large..

5) I would like to see the big, young corners Browner and Sherman get some time with the first team. If they can play then we can get rid of Jennings.

6) Coutu can't kick it deep enough even with the extra five yards. Let's hope Jeff Reed can.

7) Not sure what is up with John Carlson, but his blocking is horrendous. Maybe he wants to get traded, who knows.

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